Do You Know What Demonstrated Interest Is?

Do You Know What Demonstrated Interest Is?

by Chuck Bates, CCFC on Sep 14, 2021

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What is Demonstrated Interest?

It is a school's judgment on a student's interest in attending their college. In simple terms, it is their guess as to how likely you are to attend if accepted. It all comes from showing interest and engagement. They may even have an equation to assign you a score. For example:

  • Have you signed up to be on a mailing list?
  • Followed the school on social media?
  • Toured the school (official visit)?
  • Sought out the school at a college fair?
  • Joined a ZOOM put on by the school?
  • Read their e-mails & click the links?

Why does it matter?

That depends on each school and its unique business model. In general, it estimates yield. Yield is the school's ratio of students enrolled/students accepted. As a business, a school wants this number to be as high as possible. It helps to predict tuition revenues and impacts third-party ratings (prestige).

Harvard is always near the top with a yield in the 80's
The University of Texas has a yield in the high 40's.
My alma mater, The University of Nebraska, is in the high 30's.

Why should you do it?

These examples of demonstrated interest should be part of the natural due diligence you use to determine if the school is a fit. Your "unicorn" school should be the best fit academically, socially, and financially and not necessarily in that order. Most importantly, it may help you get accepted.

It is a win-win situation knowing you picked the right school and the school knowing you are an interested and engaged student who is likely to attend.


For help demonstrating your interest in a specific school, connect with Chuck Bates, CCFC here.