Financial Planning

Financial Planning

The financial planning process at Stegent Equity Advisors, Inc. begins with an in-depth evaluation of your current financial situation. Once we’ve established your overall objectives, we’ll focus on your specific goals. With changing economic conditions and market swings, we advocate investing sensibly over the long run and maintaining an adequate level of insurance coverage. We work with you side by side so that you’re confident in and comfortable with the financial suggestions we make.

Comprehensive financial planning integrates seven key areas of your financial life:

  1. Asset management (your total investment picture)
  2. Disability and risk management (protecting you from catastrophe)
  3. Tax planning and management (improving your wealth-building efficiency)
  4. Debt management (reducing unnecessary expenses)
  5. Estate planning (helping you transfer your lifetime assets to your heirs and/or to worthy causes)
  6. Charitable planning (helping you give in the most satisfying manner)
  7. An evaluation of the goals and objectives that provide all context for the financial plan as a whole

All of these areas are important to helping you achieve personal financial success.  Successful people need and value all aspects of financial planning.  If any one of these areas is not examined before decisions are made, then there is a danger of providing advice that may conflict with your actual needs.

Our planning services include mathematical analysis and forecasting, professional evaluation and advice, specific recommendations, support, a structure for making decisions and accountability—all so that we can enable people to make effective financial decisions, and to find ways to become more effective in their personal and business lives.  Often people work with us to put issues into perspective and to make important decisions that require professional analysis. 

In the broadest possible sense, our goal and duty is to be your advocate in every area of your life in which we are allowed to be a part.  We are willing and ready to stand between our clients and the difficulties of life, to help you make decisions that will resolve existing problems and prevent future ones. 

When it is not possible for our team to handle your problems alone, we will call in outside professionals and monitor the relationship to ensure that the work done on your behalf is of the highest standards.  We also strive to be the best confidant and mediator of conflict a person can have.