Our Firm

Welcome to Stegent Equity Advisors!

Since the founding of Stegent Equity Advisors, Inc. in 1995, we have developed a local reputation as a highly personal, boutique financial planning firm. Within our investment management business, we have approximately $200,000,000 under advisement and have carefully managed our growth with the objective of maintaining our unique culture and intense focus on client service. Our firm objectively offers a full range of financial products and services.

We believe that tax planning, retirement planning, and estate conservation should be top priorities for individuals and families of all ages and income ranges.

Because many people regard financial planning as complex and confusing, they often miss out on many potentially rewarding financial opportunities. They also take unnecessary risks and fail to adequately protect their assets.

That’s where Stegent Equity Advisors, Inc. can help. Our goal is to take the mystery out of investing, managing risk, preparing for retirement, and preserving your wealth. By helping you acquire the information you need to pursue your financial objectives, we hope to establish lifelong relationships with our clients.

What makes us unique?

Potential clients often raise this question. We believe that we have differentiated ourselves in these key areas:

We focus objectively on your financial goals. We are paid for services provided, rather than investment products sold because we believe that only a professional who is working as a fiduciary can give the best advice. We are licensed to sell life insurance but only to save our clients the commission should they need or want a life insurance product. If a situation should ever occur allowing us to receive a life insurance commission we will disclose the nature and amount, and apply one hundred percent of it to your financial planning fee. We do not receive any commissions on any investment products (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.).

Our culture is at the core of our competitive advantage. Integrity and a commitment to excellence are at the core of our culture. Our decisions are driven by loyalty to our clients and an understanding that long-term success will be enhanced by always putting our clients' interests first.

An outgrowth of our value system is our obsession with research and a disciplined investment process. Behind our research effort is a commitment to intellectual honesty and staying within our circle of competency. We believe our clients' long-term interests are best served by making decisions subject to what we believe to be true based on careful research, rather than pursuing what is temporarily popular and might be superficially appealing.

A commitment to our clients includes a focus on the quality of the relationship. Our clients include wealthy individuals, family groups and charitable organizations. We believe strong client relationships are born out of exceptional efforts and must be based on an accurate understanding of each client's needs and objectives. We strive to make the practice of outstanding service a core value of our business.